California Rice Bowl Meal

Bowl Meal with Zebra Basmati
MenuCalifornia Rice Bowl Meal
You will need1 cup cooked zebra basmati rice
1 cup diced roasted chicken, skinless
1 grilled red pepper, cored and diced
½ watermelon radish, sliced thin on a mandolin or use regular radishes
1 yellow pepper, sliced thin
1 cup arugula tossed in vinegar and oil
½ cup red cherry tomatoes cut in half
1 tablespoon of roasted pistachio nutsGarnishes: lemon wedges
Optional: oil and vinegar on the side and salt and pepper to taste
How To cookAssemble all of the ingredients.

Add the rice to a wide shallow bowl. Place the ingredients on the outside edge of the rice in the order shown: roasted chicken, pistachios, diced grilled pepper, watermelon radish, yellow pepper strips, dressed arugula greens, and halved cherry tomatoes,

Serve with fresh lemon and oil and vinegar on the side. It goes great with pickled cauliflower or other fresh pickled veggies as an optional garnish.